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SoftConsole Tutorials

This is a licensed application. It is intended for telephone system operators or receptionists. Its displays details of calls directed to the user and allows them to quickly see the status of the callers required destination and transfer the call. The SoftConsole user is able to access a range of details about the status of users and groups on the IP Office system.

The Softconsole works in conjunction with an IP Office physical phone.  It is not designed to work with the IP Softphone.


This tutorial gives an overview of the SoftConsole application. (.exe, 2.42MB)

SoftConsole Login

This tutorial shows the process of starting and logging on to the SoftConsole. (.exe, 1.18MB)

Holding Calls

This tutorial looks a using the held calls panel within SoftConsole. (.exe, 1.34MB)

Configuring Park Slots

This tutorial looks at setting up the ID’s of the park slots supported by the SoftConsole. (.exe, 2.00MB)

Using Park Slots

This tutorial looks at how to use Park Slots. (.exe, 1.18MB)


This tutorial looks at how different profiles can be created for the SoftConsole controls. (.exe, 1.7MB)