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Contact Center

Contact Centers can be the lifeblood of your business. Quite often, by the time callers dial your Contact Center number they have already tried to get what they need from your corporate website or an alternate resource. They are calling you as a last resort. This interaction is your opportunity to provide great service and make the sale, or lousy service and lose it.

D&S Technologies history is in voice communications, giving us a history of focused expertise in designing, installing and maintaining Contact Centers that will knock your socks off.  We recognize the pivotal role Contact Centers play in your day-to-day business and our consultants design a system to match your vision, providing the options your callers need to resolve their queries quickly and efficiently.

A well-designed Contact Center can evaluate critical statistics from how long an Agent is on the phone to frequently requested account information (allowing them the option for self-service), providing you insights on the precise cost of each interaction. This measurement capability makes it easy to determine important metrics like cost-per-minute to manage a given queue, or the ability to manage costs against industry benchmarks, ultimately revealing where the system can be tweaked to your advantage.

Invest in your contact center and enjoy the payoff.

Contact Center Solution Partners

  • Avaya
  • BBX Technologies
  • Computer Instruments
  • Datel
  • TASKE Technology
  • XIMA
  • Zeacom