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How to setup a speed dial button on Yealink phones

To setup a speed dial on your Yealink phone

1 Press the OK button on your phone to get the IPv4 Address from the top of the display

2 Type this IPv4 Address into your web browser(Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome)then enter

3 Login to the phone:  Username =admin  Password=(Your PBX password)

4 Choose the DSSKey tab along the top

5 Choose which Line Key to put it on (Don’t replace Line Key 1 or 2 or any call park or BLF buttons already programmed)

6 Choose Speed Dial from the drop down list under Type

7 Enter the 10 digit outside number in the Value field. No need to add the 1

8 Enter a label that will show up on your phone

9 Click confirm and then logout.