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Remote Call forwarding

Partner ACS r6 and above

The only way on a Partner ACS (Rel. 6 or higher) to transfer a call offsite is to forward a physical phone to the outside number.

  1. The first step needed for remote call forwarding is assigning the extension that will be forwarding out in programming code #322. This gives the extension the permission to forward outside the system.
  2. The next step is to go under the extension’s personal speed dial list under entry 80. Assign the number that you want that extension to forward out to just as you would dial it.
  3. Next you need to assign a forward button on the forwarding extension (must be a button with lights). Let’s say you’re dealing with extension 20, then your forward button will be F11 20 80 (F11 is the forwarding code) (20 represents the ext. that will be forwarding out) and (80 represents ext. 20’s personal speed dial entry 80) So in essence your forwarding that call to the number saved in ext. 20’s personal speed dial list under entry 80.

To turn on the forwarding, just press the button that you programmed in step 3.  When forwarding is on, the light will be on, when you press it again the light will go off, thus turning off the forwarding.