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How do I change the name on a phone on my Nortel 8×24, 6×16, 3×8?

If you are unsure what “Next” and “Show” mean, see this post:  Access admin programming.

1. Press FEATURE * * 2 6 6 3 4 4
2. Enter Password: 2 6 6 3 4 4       Display will read: ” A. Configuration”
Using the navigation keys, as displayed below, follow the next simple steps:
3. Press: NEXT        Display will read: “B. General Admin”
4. Press: SHOW     Display will read: “1. Sys speed dial”
5. Press: NEXT      Display will read: “2. Names”
6. Press the SHOW     Display will read: “Set names”
7. Press: SHOW     Display will read: “Show set:__”
8. Enter the extension number of which you wish to change the name     Display will read: “<##:name>”
9. Press the CHANGE softkey
10. Using the dial pad spell out the name    Ex: If you need the letter K press the 5 key twice and then press # to confirm the letter. Continue until the entire first name is spelled. (note: you are limited to 7 characters)
11. Press: NEXT (if you fail to do this step, the name will not be saved!!!)
12. Press the RLS key