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How do I add/remove users from Hunt groups

To Add/Remove Users from groups (Hunt Groups):

A hunt group is a collection of users, typically users handling similar types of calls, e.g. a sales department. An incoming caller wishing to speak to Sales can ring one number but the call can be answered by any number of extensions that are members of the hunt group.

Five modes of call presentation are supported on IP Office;

Sequential.  One extension at a time sequentially always starting at the top of the list.
Collective. All extensions in the hunt group ring simultaneously.  When a user is on a call, the next will not ring, until the user hangs up.
Collective Call Waiting. All extensions ring, simultaneously.  If a user is on a call, the next will ring in on next Call Appearance button (provided there are any)
Rotary.   Start with the extension in the list immediately following the extension that answered the last hunt group call.
Longest Waiting.  Start with the extension that has been free for the longest time.

  • Open Manager.
  • Click on Hunt Groups.
  • Click on the Name of the hunt group you will be changing.
  • Click on the user you want to Remove, or…
  • Click the EDIT button (you may have to scroll down to see the Edit, or Remove buttons) and select user you wish to change.  Use to arrow buttons to add your selections to the hunt group and click ok when finished.
  • To remove users from the hunt group, select the user you wish to change and click the remove button.
  • Click OK when changes are finished.
  • Save the configuration.