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Forwarding calls to a cell phone on an IP Office.

IP500, IP 400 all releases

With IP Office, it doesn’t matter which phone you have, the same applies to all phones.  You first need to set the number that you want to forward to.  Then, you need to set the forwarding to on.

At your phone, you need to set the number to forward to:

Press: *07*9xxxxxxxxxxx#
(where 9xxxxxxxxxxx, is the dial “9” access code to dial outand the number how you would dial it, followed by pound)

so for 555-111-2222…


Once that is done, you need to turn forwarding on:

To turn forwarding off:

Upon entering the codes, you will get a double “blip” tone to confirm the acceptance of the code.  Also, When forwarding is turned on, you will get a stutter dial tone when you lift the receiver, as well as on the display of your phone (if there is one), you will see a “D” indication the phone is forwarded.

Alternatively, you can forward your extension to another internal extension.

Do the same code and just insert the extension number instead of the “9XXXXXXX#”.

So, it would look like this:

*07*122# to forward to extension 122.

Then just turn the forwarding on and off.  You will get the Stutter dial tone as well as the “D” on the display (if any) of the phone.