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Daylight savings time

IP 400, IP 500, all releases

There are two  easy ways to synchronize the time in an IP Office unit to a pc.

1. The IP Office unit will use the vm pro server’s time if you have all 0Zero’s in the time server address.

2. If there is Windows 2003 server that the ipo unit can ping(ie route to) put this in the timer server field – make sure the time is in 24 hour format(control panel->Regional and Language options->Time)

To troubleshoot the time, open “Monitor”, in the first few lines of the printout, the time will be displayed.

If you have no time server or dont wish to use one, you can use a button to manually program the time and date.

Select a user, and under their Telephony tab, tick the box for “System Phone”

Then go to the users button programming tab.  Program a button as “Self-Administer” (under emulation) and in the “action data” enter “2”.

Merge the config, and on that users button, you will be able to hit the “Self-Administer” button to set the time and date.