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Add a user to a Hunt Group in IP Office

IP Office, all releases

A Hunt Group is a group of phones that ring together.  This can be a reception group that has multiple users in it, set to all ring at the same time.  Or, a customer order group set to ring the person that has been idle the longest, first.

  • To add a user/s to a Hunt Group, first open the configuration.  (Click here if you do not know how)
  • Click on “Hunt Group” on the left.  You will see a list of Hunt Groups.
  • Click on the Hunt Group you wish to modify.
  • On the left of the “Hunt group” tab, you will see the “Extension List”, Click “Add”.
  • This opens another window, on the left are available extensions you can add. Highlight the user you want to add, and the arrow to the right is able to be pressed, press it to add the extension to the “Selected Extensions” list.
  • When finished, you may press “OK” on the open window.
  • Click “OK” on the :Hunt Group” tab (bottom right)
  • Now you must merge the changes:
  • Below “Edit” in the upper left corner, you will see what looks like a “floppy disk”, click that.
  • This will open another window, make sure the “merge” bullet is ticked, and click “OK”
  • Enter the login and password and select “OK”, Your changes will be saved

If this user was not part of a group, they will now see a “G” on their display, indication that they are a member of a group.

(There are many types of groups, and there might be more programming needed for new users to function the same as previous users.  That programming is not covered here.)