Hosted VoIP in Brookfield, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis, and the Surrounding Areas

Group of People Talking at a Table with Hosted VoIP in Brookfield, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis

Making phone calls utilizing the internet isn’t a new thing in Brookfield, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis, and the surrounding areas. What is gaining in popularity, however, is working with a technology partner like D & S Technologies to provide organizations hosted VoIP services. With regular VoIP services there is equipment located at the business or organization location and this needs to be maintained. With hosted VoIP, a third party is providing all of these services that would otherwise be part of the equipment located on-site. This provides organizations a number of benefits including cost savings both with equipment investments and ongoing costs. Contact our team today to learn more about hosting VoIP services and what they can do for your organization.

Benefits to Hosted VoIP Service

Businesses and organizations are always in a state of flux. This might be due to economic circumstances, personnel circumstances, or other issues, but in some cases and organization or business needs to staff up and other times they are contracting. Hosted VoIP provides the benefit of being able to quickly scale with the needs of the organization. The equipment that is needed is off-site and your technology partner will have the needed infrastructure to accommodate these changes.

Another benefit is the ability for members of the organization to utilize their personal phones for business purposes without giving out their personal numbers. This allows more mobility by the members and being able to conduct business when and where works best for the situation. You will likely see a cost savings as well because your investment in equipment is dramatically reduced.

Untether From The Traditional Phone

When you work with a hosted VoIP solution it becomes possible to untether from the traditional phone that you are used to. While you can always have a traditional looking and operating desk phone, the reality now is that you can utilize nearly any internet-connected device as a softphone. Softphones can operate as a phone with most of the usual phone options but are not themselves phones. Laptops, tables, and smartphones can all be softphones because they utilize a piece of software to emulate a phone and the various options with it. This is particularly helpful when you have remote users that you still want to provide services that make them appear to the outside world as a part of your team.

There are many new options that a hosted VoIP system provides that just weren’t possible before with the older technology. Today it doesn’t matter if your team members are in Brookfield, Hales Corners, Milwaukee, Waukesha, West Allis, and the surrounding areas, you can reach them as if they were just down the hall. D & S Technologies can help to explain the different options that you can tap into with our hosted VoIP options. Contact us today to learn more.