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Swap ports on IP Office with no reboot.

IP Office 4.2 allows a user to log out when their extension number does not match the Base Extension setting of the phone extension they are currently using. Once logged out the user will be automatically re-associated with the extension whose Base Extension does match their extension number. This feature allows users to be moved between extensions without needing to change the physical connections or rebooting the IP Office system.

Whilst the example below shows 2 users swapping extensions the method can be used to swap multiple users within the configuration and effecting the swaps after a single merge of the configuration changes.

The process can be used on pre-4.2 IP Office systems but in that case will require the configuration changes to be sent to the IP Office system for a reboot.

User A (202) and User B (203) need to swap extensions.
1. Load the IP Office configuration and select icon large extension Extension.
2. Locate the extension with the Base Extension set to 202, ie. matching User A’s extension number.
• If the group pane is visible (View | Group Pane) in IP Office Manager, it shows the extension details (ID, Module, Port and Base Extension).
3. Select that extension and change its Base Extension setting to 203, ie. to now match User B’s extension number.
• If IP Office Manager is set to validate edits, it will warn that this change conflicts with the existing Base Extension setting of another extension. Ignore the warning at this stage.
4. Click OK. Locate the other extension with the Base Extension set to 203, ie. matching User B’s extension number.
5. Select that extension and change its Base Extension setting to 202, ie. to now match User A’s extension number.
• If the error pane is visible (View | Error Pane), all the warnings about extension conflicts should have disappeared.
6. Click OK. Send the configuration back to the IP Office system.
• On pre-4.2 systems the configuration changes must be sent to the IP Office using one of the reboot options. Following the system reboot the user will be automatically associated with the appropriate extensions. The remaining steps of this process are not applicable to pre-4.2 IP Office systems.
• IP Office 4.2+ systems can do this using the merge option. They should then use the following steps to complete the process without having to reboot the system.
7. Ask each of the users to dial the log out short code set on the IP Office system. By default this is *36.
• Having logged out, users on display phones should see the extension number has changed on the phone. They may also see NoUser until the user new associated user logs out from the phone they are currently using and is automatically logged in.
• User who do have a login code and are set to Forced Login will have to complete the process at their new extension using the login process.
8. The user IP Office configuration settings including their extension numbers will move between the extensions.