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How do I pick up a ringing call on another extension on IP Office?

IP Office, all releases

Picking up calls that are ringing at another extension…Here are some options, some are already set up on your system, and some may need programming.

The first is by using the default short code of IP Office, the User would dial *32*N# where N represents the extension that is ringing.

  • Call pickup, any – By using the system feature of Call Pickup Any, *30, you can pick up any call that is ringing on the system.  Just dial *30, and it picks up any call.  Useful if you do not know the extension that is ringing.
  • Call Pickup Group – Picks up the longest ringing call to a Hunt Group which you are a part of.  Just dial *31, and that will pickup the call
  • You could program a “Directed Call Pickup” button on a phone, which you press and enter the extension number of the extension you want to pickup.
  • Finally, if the user has a BLF button (Busy Lamp Field, or another users extension status) for the extension that is ringing, they can press the BLF button to pick up the call.