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Questions about Avaya IP Office.

how do i route a call in IP Office?

To Add a DID # (T1/ PRI only) If you need to set up a number to ring in to a specific destination, you set the number in the “Incoming call route” Open Manager. Click on the Incoming Call Route tab. Select an Open DID number. (Or add a new number) Select the Destination tab. […]

How do I change a phones voice mail password?

To Change Voicemail Passwords: Open Manager Click on Users Click on the User’s name. Click on the Voicemail tab. Enter temporary password in field.  Or leave blank (this will have no password for the User, so simply press # when prompted for password.)  If you enter a new password, the User will be prompted to […]

How do I change a name on a phone?

To Change User Names:* Open Manager. Click on Users. Click on the User’s name. Retype the User’s new name in both Name and Full Name fields.  The name tab should be first initial and last name with no spaces.  The full name should be the first and last with a space between. Under the Voicemail […]

How do I add/remove users from Hunt groups

To Add/Remove Users from groups (Hunt Groups): A hunt group is a collection of users, typically users handling similar types of calls, e.g. a sales department. An incoming caller wishing to speak to Sales can ring one number but the call can be answered by any number of extensions that are members of the hunt […]

How to save a configuration in IP Office Manager

To Save a Configuration Click on the disk icon (3rd from left on toolbar). Click OK to upload the new configuration and enter above mentioned password. *****Note, there will be instances where some of the changes require a reboot for the changes to take effect.  When the reboot window pops up, your choices are: MERGE […]

Open a Configuration with IP Office Manager

To Open the IP Office Manager: Open Manager To open Configuration, click on icon right below File on the Toolbar.  It will be called “Open Configuration from IP Office”.  You will be asked to select which IP Office you want to open.  Click in the box for your system. Service User Name –                […]

SoftConsole Tutorials

This is a licensed application. It is intended for telephone system operators or receptionists. Its displays details of calls directed to the user and allows them to quickly see the status of the callers required destination and transfer the call. The SoftConsole user is able to access a range of details about the status of […]

Add a user to a Hunt Group in IP Office

IP Office, all releases A Hunt Group is a group of phones that ring together.  This can be a reception group that has multiple users in it, set to all ring at the same time.  Or, a customer order group set to ring the person that has been idle the longest, first. To add a […]